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COVID's impact on CVD patient community, will the vaccine bring needed reassurance? - Dec 16, 2020 - FH Europe community webinar

FH Europe Community Webinar

Join our FH Europe Community Webinar focused on Covid's impact on the CVD patient community.

We are delighted to have FH Europe Trustee Dr Samuel Gidding leading a panel of international experts discussing the crucial topic of COVID's impact on our patient community. The panel will address the most important question: "Will the vaccine bring needed reassurance?"


- Prof Meral Kayikcioglu (Professor of Cardiology, Director of Lipid and Prevention Clinic Ege University Medical School, Turkey)
- Neil Johnson (Chief Executive, Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac & Stroke Foundation & National Institute for Prevention and Cardiovascular Health, Director – Development & Strategy, Global Heart Hub)
- Dr Marius Geantă (FH Europe Trustee Co-Chair of the Scientific and Health Policy Advisory Group, President of Centre for Innovation in Medicine, Romania)

We are facing unprecedented times for our patient community. The identification of CVD patients as a high-risk group combined with a #stayhome message has lead to a significant drop in emergency hospital visits, yet the number of heart events is rising.

Simultaneously, Covid vaccines are being developed in historic record time and approved by most important regulators the EMA and the FDA! We have just witnessed the UK administrating first vaccines. What about the rest of Europe, who will receive it first? What is the level of confidence among the public?

These are emotionally tough times, and we look for more clarity and reassurance.

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We hope you can join us!