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The latest medical updates for patients with genetic dyslipidemias - Dec 2, 2020 - FH Europe community webinar

After a very positive 1st webinar last week on the Global FH registry (the recording available now on YouTube for dissemination ), I am delighted to personally invite you all to join and to share with your networks about our 2nd  webinar


Wednesday, Dec 2nd at 6pm CET

"The latest medical updates for patients with genetic dyslipidemias" Guest speakers:
Prof. Lale Tokgözoglu and Prof. Alberico Catapano
from the European Atherosclerosis Society

• The ESC/EAS guidelines how they impact patients with genetic dyslipidaemias
• New therapeutic approaches to genetic dyslipidaemias
• The long and winding road for a patient with a genetic dyslipidaemia to be diagnosed and treated
• The lipid clinic network  -  how patients will benefit?

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