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FHaware2020 - FH Europe - The European FH Patient Network


FH Europe - The European FH Patient Network



FHaware2020 - The more FH aware we are, the faster and easier we #FindFH


September 24 was established as the FH Awareness Day back in 2012 by the FH Foundation in the US. The idea behind it was to raise awareness of Familial Hypercholesterolemia. This year we are working together with the Network’s patient organizations across Europe and many international and global partners to reach as many people as possible. Whether lay public, healthcare community or policy makers – we wish to make a lasting impact across the whole ecosystem. The more we are aware of Familial Hypercholesterolemia, the faster and easier we can detect it. And an early, correct diagnosis means early treatment, which saves lives.


FH Europe and patient groups in the network are raising awareness of FH through activities including: The 9 actionable recommendations listed in the Global call to action, have been converted into interactive cards to highlight the importance of acting collaboratively now so we stop premature cardiovascular disease tomorrow.

A Global Call to Action Interactive Cards